Mutual Fund Disclosure of Commission/Brokerage

Bigbucks Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (AMFI Registration No. ARN – 181278)

In accordance with the extant regulations (SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09), following are the details of the comparative commission that Bigbucks may earn from various fund-houses, whose products are being distributed:

The above-mentioned rates are indicative rates and the same will be updated from time to time upon receipt of actual rates from respective Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Commissions are subject to claw back. All commissions are subject to GST. Further, the rates are subject to change without any prior consent and at the discretion and agreement between Bigbucks and the respective AMCs. The commission details will be regularly updated on this website and customers are advised to check the same before making any investment. BFSL has opted as “Opt Out” Distributor and hence no transaction charges shall be deducted by AMCs from Clients Investment amount for the transactions done under ARN Code. Details of Scheme level commission on Mutual funds are available with your Service Relationship Manager and would be produced on demand. Investments in mutual funds are subject to market risk and customers should read the scheme related documents / key information documents of the Mutual Funds / Schemes.